Every child, even a special needs child, is a unique individual. Special needs children represent a diverse spectrum of different needs or disabilities such as children with chronical illnesses, mental or physical disabilities. Parents do not need a formal diagnosis or doctor’s verdict to know if their child has special needs. We call these parents, mothers and fathers, as Leijonaemot. Their parenting does not end even when their children grow up or if they die before their parents. Together we as parents support each other, share information, opinions and feelings, and we stand up for our children’s rights. But above all, we are proud parents of our children.

We welcome all parents of children with special needs, also those whose child has died or has not been diagnosed yet. The association already has thousands of members. The membership fee is 15 euros for individuals or families for a calendar year.

You may also join by sending us an email request in English or Finnish to toimisto@leijonaemot.fi. We will contact you shortly after we can have received your application and send you more information.

We welcome you to Leijonaemot!

Member benefits

The most important member benefit is peer support from one parent to another. Members of Leijonaemot can join the parents’ discussion group on Facebook also called as Leijonaemot group. Members get free or reduced entry fees for any Leijonaemot hosted events and can seek financial assistance for these events (such as entry fees and travel expenses). Members also have priority in participation when an event has more applicants than places available. Furthermore, members get discounts on Leijonaemot products and other promotions from many supporters of the Leijonaemot association (tickets, store discounts, etc.).

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Support us

Companies and individuals can become support members or donate money to help Leijonaemot. The support membership fee is 300 euros for a calendar year.

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